Integrate your projects with Linear and make bug tracking seamless.

Report and track bugs efficiently with Disbug and Linear integration. Improve the QA process with a 100% engineering-free effort.

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With your Linear account integrated with Disbug, save 2-4 hours per day from the exhausting bug reporting procedure.

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For QA →
Explain and narrate the problem visually
Show developers exactly what happened when it went wrong.
tick image used as a bulletin   Screencast & narrate
tick image used as a bulletin   Draw over screen while narrating
tick image used as a bulletin   Add annotation to screenshots
See demo issue →
For Developers →
Data rich bug reports
directly in Linear
Instantly know what went wrong from every angle by capturing the complete session.
tick image used as a bulletin   Console Logs
tick image used as a bulletin   Network Logs
tick image used as a bulletin   Local storage
tick image used as a bulletin   User clicks
tick image used as a bulletin   Form fills
tick image used as a bulletin   Screen size
tick image used as a bulletin   Viewport size
tick image used as a bulletin   Operating System
tick image used as a bulletin   Browser Version
For Designers →
Edit live websites for pixel-perfect design feedback
See your changes in context and make real edits - instead of simple notes or images.
tick image used as a bulletin   Edit the content, color, font, space on web objects directly
tick image used as a bulletin   Annotate/Edit directly on web app objects instead of screenshots/videos
See demo issue →
Collaborate better with clients

without giving them access to internal Linear

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Centralize client feedback in Disbug

Receive feedback from Disbug chrome extension and widget at the centralized dashboard. Bug reports from QA using the Disbug chrome extension and feedback from users using the Disbug widget land in this dashboard for developers and admins to work on.

Data-rich bug reports, even from non-technical users!

In addition to annotated screenshots and screen recordings, bug reports generated through the chrome extension as well as the widget contains technical logs such as console logs, network logs, local storage, user clicks etc. You also receive a session replay of how the bug was found by the user from the Disbug widget.

Triage area! Accept or decline bug reports

Did you know that you can add anyone as a "guest" in your project? The reports submitted by these guests can land in a triage area before an admin accepts it as a issue. You can set it up in just a toggle and prevent a pile of unnecessary bug reports from users.

Update the status of the issue then and there!

Developers can now update the status of the issue from "Linear" which will be reflected on the project dashboard within Disbug and vice versa. You can also set the severity of the issue within the dashboard.

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