Report and fix bugs remarkably faster
by adding more clarity to bug reports
Dev teams use Disbug chrome extension to capture bugs with screen recording, screenshots, console logs, network logs,
user events and upload them to the project management tool โ€“ with a single click !

It's FREE to start! No credit card required !
Bug reporting in just 3 steps !
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It's FREE to start ! No credit card required!
Reduce friction between your Development and QA team
Regular bug reporting flow
Bug reporting with Disbug
โ€œClarity affords focus.โ€
Thomas Leonard
This is how Disbug creates magic
Explain and narrate the problem visually
Let developers see exactly what happened when it went wrong.
  Screencast & narrate
  Draw over screen while narrating
  Take screenshots
  Add annotation to screenshots
One click capture of the entire
context for bug reports
Instantly know what went wrong from every angle by capturing the complete session.
  Console Logs
  Network Logs
  Local storage
  User clicks
  Form fills
  Screen size
  Viewport size
  Operating System
  Browser Version
Centralize everything in your issue-trackers
Get consolidated technical logs directly in your favorite tools and with a link to see the detailed logs.
Seamless integration with the tools of your choice

Automatically create tickets in the pre-configured issue tracker when you report the bug

coming soon

coming soon

coming soon

Your data is 100% secure
All your screenshots, recordings, logs are

  Encrypted on physical disks with 256-bit AES-XTS full-disk encryption.
  Encrypted end-to-end during transit using a self signed certificate on the server.

It takes less than 5 minutes to get started!
Hereโ€™s why web development teams should use disbug
Save minimum

$ 3,000

/ employee / yr
on average

Disbug will save 5-15% of hours GUARANTEED

*Assuming you pay $60k/yr on average
Saves Effort

Expedites the debugging process.

Gives you more clarity and makes

development easy.

Saves Time

Cut down your bug reporting time by 60%.

Streamline the work of QA testers, developers &

project managers at costs less than a cup of coffee!

Saves Money

It costs less than a cup of coffee for a week.

Save thousands of dollars on developers.

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