Top 5 JIRA integrations for software testing

This article covers some of the top integrations in Jira for quality assurance, software testing, and test management that help developers and testers to work together seamlessly.

Nov 21, 2023
Top 5 JIRA integrations for software testing
Project Managers come across the need to manage people, teams, and tools. They take responsibility for the big picture. Jira is a project management tool that is very popular and is owned by Atlassian. Jira is an excellent tool for developers and testers alike. Many integrations make Jira an even more powerful tool for development teams. This article covers some of the top integrations in Jira for quality assurance, software testing, and test management that help developers and testers to work together seamlessly. Integrating Jira with the right tools makes testing software easier. Whether you are already using Jira or are just getting started, Jira offers flexible and affordable integration options for software testers.


Disbug is a bug reporting tool that aids developers and testers in their daily bug checking process. You can capture bugs with screen recording, screenshots, console logs, network logs, and user events. This product helps in integrating the development and testing team by reducing the need for back-and-forth communication. It helps in saving costs, and improves productivity.
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Bugs can be reported along with steps to reproduce. Debugging is made more efficient for developers. Disbug is also extremely user friendly. The free tool requires a chrome extension installation and you are good to go. It saves a ton of time and eventually increases productivity.
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Integrations: Trello, GitHub, Slack, GitLab and Jira
Who this is for: Any team size
Pros: Video/audio annotation, screenshot annotation, record all technical logs and contextual information, save time and get more clarity on bugs, invite members easily


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With Issue checklists, you can create a checklist for any issue in Jira. It's easy to use and reliable. You can create or customize checklists for Acceptance Criteria, To do lists etc. This product has a free and pro version.
Issue checklist has various features with which the user can split tasks into sub-tasks and track the progress. You can also have statuses for each task, like in-progress or completed. A checklist can be saved as a template and have a default template whenever issues are created. It is possible to view and edit a checklist from issue view, agile board, Jira mobile app, or REST API. You can clone a checklist with an issue, copy the checklist as a text, convert the checklist item to a Jira issue. It is possible to track changes made to the checklist. Search for checklist items with JQL.
Who this is for: Teams of any size
Pros: No setup needed, user mentions, Markdown formatting, adding due date, multiline description, adding issue keys, hyperlinks, and emojis


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Zephyr is a native test management tool that helps in test planning and execution. Behavioral Driven Development(BDD) is an extension of Test Driven Development(TDD) that allows integrating development, QA, and business teams. Align teams for BDD by using Cucumber integration for Jira. Zephyr has its own Structured Query Language, Zephyr Query Language (ZQL). For a scalable option with advanced test planning, check out Zephyr Scale. Integrations:
  1. Test automation tools - ReadyAPI, TestComplete and CrossBrowserTesting
  1. Open-source tools - Selenium, Junit, and TestNG
  1. CI/CD tool - Bamboo and Jenkins using RESTful APIs in ZAPI(add-on)
  1. Collaborative workspace - Confluence
Who this is for: Agile teams focusing on test design, execution, and automation
Pros: Reporting of real-time metrics, suitable for both automation and manual testing, synchronized test results, end-to-end traceability, customized test dashboards with a simultaneous view of testing data and Jira, multiple set of test functions.


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Testrail is a test management tool through which you can perform test runs, generate reports, use to-do lists, and many such features. TestRail integrates well with Jira Cloud, Server, and Data Center. You can track the management of QA, test cases, and project on a full-fledged basis. Issues and bugs in Jira are synced with tests in Testrail. This product can be used to scale according to your business requirements. This product suits both agile and traditional testing methods. This product ensures good productivity among teams. The cloud edition can be used like any other SaaS product.
Who this is for: Teams of any size (2 plans - Professional and Enterprise)
Pros: Installation in own Server, REST API, custom API for test automation, functional and exploratory testing


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Xray is a test management tool that can be used to plan and execute tests as Jira issues with customized workflows. You can create test plans as well as perform ad-hoc test executions. It is possible to use a custom CI tool for reporting results using the REST API. Test plans help in tracking progress. Advanced reporting is possible using custom dashboards. Integrations:
  1. Built-in REST API
  1. Tests from CSV and JSON
  1. CI & DevOps tools like Jenkins, Bamboo and GitLab
  1. Support for Gherkin based frameworks like Cucumber, Behave and SpecFlow
  1. Test Automation Frameworks like Selenium, JUnit and NUnit
Who this is for: Teams of any size
Pros: Complete testability, suitable for both manual and automation testing, test folders and sets, reusable preconditions for tests, support for BDD