Top 9 tools to improve customer success: Features and benefits

From customer profiling to chatbots, these tools can help you create a better relationship with your customers and deliver on your promises. Ready to take your customer success to the next level? Let's get started!

Nov 20, 2023
Top 9 tools to improve customer success: Features and benefits
When it comes to customer success, there are a few key tools that can help you achieve your goals. This article will introduce you to eight of the most important customer success tools, and explain why they're so important. From customer profiling to chatbots, these tools can help you create a better relationship with your customers and deliver on your promises. Ready to take your customer success to the next level? Let's get started!


Zendesk is a customer success platform that helps businesses manage customer relationships and interactions. It offers a wide range of features to support the needs of customer success professionals, including:
1. A centralised platform that can be used to manage all customer interactions in one place.
2. A range of tools that enable customer success professionals to track and analyse customer feedback, performance data, and more.
3. A social media management system that allows customer success professionals to keep up with the latest customer sentiment and engagement trends.
4. A OneHub community that provides resources and support for customers across different industries and channels.
5. Automated email marketing that helps customers receive notifications about relevant updates and changes to their account.
6. A global support team that can help address any issues or questions that customers may have.
Zendesk is a powerful tool that can help businesses achieve success in their customer relationships. It's easy to use and has a wide range of features that are perfect for supporting the needs of customer success professionals. If you're looking for a solution that will help you manage your customers' interactions more effectively, Zendesk is definitely worth considering!

Help Scout

Help Scout is a customer success tool that helps businesses optimize their customer experience. It offers a suite of features that help businesses to understand and improve the customer journey, from sign-up to post-purchase.
Some of the key features of Help Scout include:
1. A behavioural analytics platform that helps businesses understand how their customers behave and what actions result in conversion rates highest.
2. A support ticketing system that provides businesses with the ability to track and manage all support queries, from ticket creation to resolution.
3. A training module that offers business owners access to interactive training modules on a range of topics related to customer success, such as understanding behaviour and driving engagement.
If you're looking for a tool that can help you optimize your customer experience and drive higher conversion rates, Help Scout is an excellent option!


Custify is a customer success tool that helps small businesses with customer retention, acquisition and growth. The tool provides business owners with insights into customer behaviour, engagement and behaviour change so that they can better understand what works and what doesn't for their customers. Custify also offers a range of tools and resources to help businesses improve customer experience, including a blog, an e-learning course and a case study library.
Here are some key features of Custify for customer success:
1. Quick and easy customer support ticketing - With Custify for customer success, you can quickly and easily create tickets for customers who are having issues with your products or services. This makes it easy to track and manage your customer interactions, and resolve any issues as quickly and efficiently as possible.
2. Integrated chat support - If a customer is having an issue with your product or service, you can have them talk to a custosl expert through our chat interface. This way, you can get immediate feedback and help resolve the issue as quickly as possible.
3. Automatic notification of resolution - Once a ticket has been resolved, we will send you an automated notification so that you know everything is okay. This way, you can avoid any unnecessary stress or hassle from your customers.

ChurnZero is a customer success platform that helps small businesses manage churn and keep their customers. ChurnZero aggregates data from over 60,000 companies to help small businesses identify the causes of customer churn and act on them before it becomes a problem.
ChurnZero offers a variety of services to help small businesses keep their customers, including:
1. ChurnZero Insights - This platform provides actionable insights into customer behavior, including how customers are using your product or service, what problems they're encountering, and how you can improve engagement.
2. ChurnZero Insights for Churn Prevention - This service offers customized recommendations on how to prevent customer churn by addressing problems early on.
3. ChurnZero Customer Retention Specialist - This service helps small businesses keep their best customers by providing support and resources such as marketing campaigns, loyalty programs, and personalized product recommendations.
4. ChurnZero Reporting - This platform provides comprehensive reports on customer behavior, including churn rates and insights into which channels are driving customers away the most.
5. ChurnZero Chat - This chat platform provides 24/7 support for customers who need assistance with using your product or service.
ChurnZero is a valuable resource for small businesses that want to keep their customers and reduce churn rates.


Wootric is a customer success platform that helps businesses connect with their customers in order to resolve any issues or complaints. It provides a centralized platform where businesses can manage their interactions with their customers, as well as collect valuable data that can be used to improve customer retention and engagement.
Some of the many features of Wootric include:
1. A customer support team that is available 24/7 to help businesses resolve any issues or complaints
2. A ticketing system that allows businesses to track and manage all interactions with their customers
3. A data analysis tool that helps businesses understand the needs of their customers and identify areas where they can improve customer service
4. A social media management tool that allows businesses to track and analyze their online presence and response to customer complaints


Totango can help you grow your online presence and audience by providing you with a suite of tools that make it easy to create, publish, and manage content. With Totango's help, you can develop a loyal following of readers and followers who will appreciate your insights and opinions. You can also use Totango's content marketing tools to increase traffic to your site and drive leads through your content.
Some of the features of Totango include:
  • A CRM system to manage all customer relationships from contact information to account history
  • A messaging platform to communicate with customers directly
  • A loyalty program to reward customers for their loyalty and encourage them to refer friends and family
  • A tracking system to keep track of customer interactions and conversions


Intercom is a customer success platform that helps businesses connect with and support their customers. It provides a variety of features that can help businesses to better understand and serve their customers, including:
1. A customer support chat interface that allows businesses to quickly and easily connect with customers in real time.
2. A customer feedback survey system that allows businesses to gather feedback from their customers and use it to improve the customer experience.
3. A support ticketing system that helps businesses track and manage all of their customer support issues.
4. A knowledgebase system that provides business owners with helpful information on a variety of topics, including customer service best practices.
5. A blog system that allows businesses to share helpful information and advice with their customers directly.
Overall, Intercom provides a comprehensive set of tools that can help businesses to better understand and serve their customers. It is an essential part of any company's customer success strategy, and should be implemented as part of a larger effort to improve the customer experience overall.


Akita is a content management system (CMS) that helps webmasters to manage their content easily and efficiently. It's designed for better retention and expansion, making it an ideal platform for businesses of all sizes. Here are some of the key benefits of using Akita:
1. Akita simplifies content management by providing a single platform where you can manage all your content from a single location.
2. Akita helps to improve SEO by ensuring that your website remains search engine relevant and accessible.
3. Akita helps to improve the conversion rate by providing users with easy-to-use tools and features that help them to create engaging and useful content.
4. Akita provides users with an advanced authoring interface that makes it easy to create high-quality content.


As you can see, the tools we have mentioned above are designed and crafted to benefit your business in all ways possible. So, if you’re looking forward to boost your customer success rate, then it is time that you use one of them.