Bugherd review: What do users think about Bugherd?

Reviews of BugHerd. Learn how real users rate this software's ease-of-use, functionality, overall quality and customer support. Interface is usable but could use a design upgrade...

Nov 20, 2023
Bugherd review: What do users think about Bugherd?

What is Bugherd?

BugHerd is a visual web-based feedback tool that allows you, your team and even your clients to leave feedback notes directly on a website without having to go through the website owner. It lets individuals record information like technical details such as screenshots, browser & OS so that they can be easily queried or customized when necessary.
An Bugherd extension is a Chrome extension that helps you to manage your bug reports and feedback. It allows you to create, track, and review bugs; send feedback to the developers; and receive notifications when new updates are released.
Now let’s see what users think about Bugherd

Bugherd reviews: Pros and Cons

Bugherd Pros
Bugherd Cons
User-friendly, easy to start and use
Terrible management and lack of professionalism;Bugherd has changed the price and removeda feature after the payment
Bugherd integrates to website by addingchrome extension
Interface could use an upgrade
Records, stores and saves easily fordevelopers to solve the problems
Buherd has gone a little off-track by trying to re-build2.0 of their software
The cost is expensive
Tricky to onboard new users and get them throughthe steps of installing the extension and creating an account
Bugherd doesn't provide the ability to add a voice recordingor brief screen recording to lock down feedback
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Disbug is a visual feedback tool that has improved QA in over 200 companies. Here are some of the features of Disbug:
  • Annotated screenshots and screen recording in just a click.
  • Automatic capture of all the technical logs such as console logs, network logs, browser info etc.
  • Allows user to edit live websites directly without switching tabs.
  • Integrates smoothly with project management tools like Jira, Trello etc.
Disbug not only improves your internal QA process but also improves overall quality of the product by making you spend more time on development and less time on bugs.
With the all new Disbug widget, you can carry on your entire workflow without switching tabs.
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