Jira Integrations for Project management

Jira Integrations for Project management

Jira is one among the best project management tools in the market today. From starting out as a bug tracker to being a crutial part of almost all of the companies these days, Jira has become so powerful. One of the reasons for its' success is due to the flexible integrations the software provides with other tools.

Especially with the whole remote work wave, it has been hard to keep track and be efficient at work for many of us. Jira provides integrationa that comes handy for all such professionals, be it individuals or teams!

One such profession where Jira integrations can be best used of is Project Management!

Project Managers have a lot on their hands. From setting different tasks for the team, checking the progress of the project that's done by the team members, automating attendance and what not. The last thing they need is for their tools to make their job harder. Fortunately, Jira Software has a host of integrations that can make their job easier.

This article looks at the Top 6 Jira Integrations for Project Management that can be used to improve your workflow.

Let's start exploring them!