Strict Workflow

Strict Workflow

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Strict Workflow is a chrome extension that helps to streamline your workflows by automating common tasks.

It supports a variety of task types, including email, task management, and project management. Additionally, Strict Workflow is modular, so you can create custom modules to suit your specific needs.

To use Strict Workflow, first install the extension and then add the tasks that you want to automate. Next, add the corresponding filters to the filters tab and configure the conditions for each task. Finally, click on the launch button to execute the task. Strict Workflow also offers a configurable notification system that will notify you when a task has been completed.

Strict Workflow is a great way to improve your productivity and manage your workflows more effectively. It is available for free on Chrome Web Store.

No of users: 90,000+

Strict Workflow Pros:

  • It only blocks websites you ask
  • Very helpful ans easy to set up

Strict Workflow Cons:

  • There is no option to have the timer automatically restart at the end of a break
  • There is no log to keep track of how many pomodoros you complete