Disbug chrome extension

Disbug chrome extension

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Disbug is a must-have chrome extension for software teams.

It is a visual feedback tool that cuts off the boring bug reporting process and tightens the internal QA, customer and client feedback loop.

With it's various features including annotated screenshots, screen recordings, automatic updation of technical logs, live website edit features and the handy widget, Disbug is one of the most user-friendly and efficent visual feedback tools.

Disbug is proven to save upto 4 hours a day for each software team leading to immese productivity and work efficiency!

No of users: 200+

Disbug Pros

  • It is simple, easy to use, and quick to set up.
  • Has deep integrations with project management tools where each bug is uploaded as a ticket.
  • The screencast and screenshot features eliminate the long and tiring bug reports.
  • Improves the overall productivity of the team by saving time, energy and money spent.
  • Reduces the back and forth calls between QA and developer

Disbug Cons

  • Software development and QA teams benefit the most with Disbug.
  • The tool is relatively new in the market.