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Zephyr - Test Management Platform , is an application that allows software testing teams to plan, manage and measure all their tests directly in Jira. Zephyr is available for both server and cloud, therefore making it simple for manual testing as well as automated testing.

It enables enterprise-wide test management and facilitates real-time reporting and analysis. Zephyr performs out of the box integration with Jira- test items can be added as tickets to your projects, linked to other issues, test cycles can be used for planning and your testing efforts can even be tracked and analysed with metrics and reports.

Our Review:

Any team that relies on JIRA testing iterations can grow with Zephyr. The ability to track sprints and keep each team member on track with deadlines, file sharing, and other features is fantastic. If you're not sure if Zephyr is right for you, try out a trial version to see how much it can help your development team. There are numerous resources available online to assist you in determining the best use of Zephyr's numerous capabilities.