Amir Salihefendić
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Todoist is a task management tool that lets users create and manage to-do lists.

You can use Todoist to combine tasks, comments, projects, attachments, notifications etc. in a way that improves your personal and team productivity. Integrating Todoist with Slack you can, build new tasks with slash commands, convert messages on slack into tasks in a single click, complete tasks from with slack and also change and update the tasks and assign them to the respected person.

Our Review:

Todoist assists us in staying on top of daily chores, whether they be for business or leisure. Depending on their severity, all jobs may be colour coded and divided into distinct categories.For a variety of pending and critical actions, you may set up alerts and get notifications. It's also quite user-friendly, allowing me to do the majority of the tasks with little effort. In addition, the user interface is fantastic. It's a great application that's easy to use and understand, and it lets you modify your responsibilities whenever you choose.