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Testrail is a web-based test management software that can manage, track and coordinate software testing efforts. It allows team members to enter, organise and run tests from a easy to use web interface.

Testrail stands out of the box with many unique features including Three-pane fastrack interface where it allows to view the section list, list of test cases and the details of the test parallely making it easier and productive for QA. It also comes with a set of integrated keyboard shortcuts along with the other efficient features for your team.

Our Review:

You may utilise and customise testrail in a variety of ways to track your tests and manage test coverage, test results, reports, milestones, and test cases, as well as link it to Jira. Due to the visibility provided by the tool and the plugins that you can use to link with management systems, it allows the team follow the testing process and let the managers know the testing metrics and trust on the manual and automated tests. Without a question, one of the best solutions on the market.