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TestFLO for Jira is a test management tool that allows you to customize Jira completely for testing and QA process. You can make reports efficiently by utilizing all the features such as Jira projects, screens, permissions etc.

Our Review:

A fantastic tool that is adaptable and customised to meet a wide range of requirements! They also provide a comprehensive training session as part of our onboarding with this plugin. All of the features have been thoroughly explained by specialists, both from an admin and end-user standpoint. The most recent edition of the manual is extremely user-friendly, with all capabilities outlined step by step, making it simple to comprehend how to utilise it. It is easy to set up a test and combination of explorative tests and test cases is great to get a high coverage.

Test repository can be used to create quick test cases, test plans and thereby allows you to expand to large scale software testing. TestFLO also provides access to CI/CD pipeline which lets us test in DevOps cycle. Full traceability from requirements ia available which helps increase accuracy.