Tempo Timesheets

Tempo Timesheets

Tempo for JIRA
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Tempo timesheets for Jira is a time management software that lets you optimize your work. It has deep integrations with Google and Microsoft calenders which makes it easy to track meetings and other scheduled work.

It provides automated suggestions to simplify filling of the timesheet. You can also install plugins such as VSCode to easily track when work is being done. You can also track finances and generate reports on billing and taxes. The software runs on Cloud, server and data center.

Users can build custom time reports based on user, project, account, and a variety of other category designations, which is useful for organising and analysing your time data.

Tempo Timesheets pricing is based on the number of users (minimum 10) and whether it runs on cloud, data center or server. Pick a package based on your requirements.

Our review:

Tempo Timesheets is an efficient solution for existing Atlassian users to track and manage their time. The application works in tandem with the JIRA project management platform, allowing users to track time through individual tasks and tickets, which is then routed to Tempo's unique reporting and approval dashboard. Tempo's built-in time entry approval mechanism maintains data integrity by allowing only admin-level users to accept, reject, and edit submitted entries.