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SurveyMonkey is an innovative web-based survey tool that makes it easy to create and publish customised surveys for free.

It allows you to easily reach thousands of respondents, wherever they are, whenever it's convenient for them. With the SurveyMonkey Power-Up for Trello you can administrate and manage Survey results within Trello by Trello cards.

You can also collect feedback from customers on public roadmap in Trello boards, or input from coworkers on internal company boards.

Survey monkey offers three packages (Team advantage, Team Premier and Team Enterprise) with minimum 3 users per package starting at $25/user/month for team advantage, $75/user/month for team premier and a customizable package for enterprise level. Explore the features in each package and choose the best that fits your company requirements.

Our Review:

SurveyMonkey is an easy-to-use tool that has all the features nevessary for a survey tool. It is great for customer feedback and also internal surveys. The features provided by SurveyMonkey are a great value to the money. The simplicity of the survey technique is worth appreciating.

Save minimum $ 3,000/developer/yr GUARANTEED

Narrate bugs & draw over while recording screen.
Avoid back and forth calls between Dev and QA.
Reduce your bug fixing time by almost 60%

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