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Structure is a project management software that allows project managers to visualize, track and manage all the information of any project in Jira.

You can perform cross-project tracking and create management reports in an effective way. It allows to track projects with user-defined hierarchy which makes it customized for each team.

With structure, you can manage your projects in real time as structure Cloud displays live Jira project data and also has an automation feature which automatically inserts new Jira issues related to your projects.

Our Review:

Structure is a reasonable choice for project planning. It is the the best tool ever to get an overview of work and help planning within Jira. Although it might not be as efficient with the cloud integration as it is for server with creating tickets and structure, they assure they'd improve with time.

Save minimum $ 3,000/developer/yr GUARANTEED

Narrate bugs & draw over while recording screen.
Avoid back and forth calls between Dev and QA.
Reduce your bug fixing time by almost 60%

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