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StayFocusd is a useful resource for anyone looking to down-regulate the kind of stray online behavior that can be a threat to their productivity.

The site’s focus-blocking mechanism allows users to set a certain amount of time they want to spend on the Net per day.

The tool also enables them to block specific page content or applications, such as Facebook and Twitter. We'd recommend it as one of several ways people can help themselves stay focused while working online – whether they're at home or in an office setting.

No of users: 600,000+


  • This is super helpful if you have an addiction to a social media website and it's cutting into your productivity.
  • It's  lightweight, with a minimum of the most important features, and works beautifully


  • The options are too limited, for example, you can't make the nuclear option run in 2 times of the day
  • It would be better to automatically check if the website exists when we add it to blocked list. Hence avoiding the user to enter invalid urls.