Standup Alice

Standup Alice

Bao Le and Duy Le
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Standup Alice assists Scrum teams in running daily standup meetings, ensuring that the entire team is aware of impediments, task statuses, and project progress.

Standup Alice reminds team members to enter their standup, collects the information, and delivers the standup report to the team's channel everyday. By integrating Standup Alice to Slack you can, organize routine stand-up, customize the questions asked during the stand-up and send reports to team members and project managers.

You can also integrate on multiple projects simultaneously and conduct stand-ip according to the team members' time zone.

Our Review:

One of the coolest and easiest bots we've ever used is Standup Alice. They arrange everyone's replies by team member rather than by question, which we appreciate. It's a simple standup routine that gets the job done. It's fantastic for keeping track of everyone's duties and having visibility into the daily tasks of other team members. The integration with Slack makes us want to use Slack more!