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Slack is a messaging app for teams. It's the only service you need to bring your team together and to keep everything organised.

On Slack, you can easily share updates, discuss projects, chat about ideas or give feedback on presentations. You can also use Slack as an archive for all team communication - searchable by you and your teammates at any time.

Slack app provides various range of features such as Productivity basics, External collaboration, security, compliance and administration.

Our Review:

Slack has created a new market for corporate communication and collaboration over the internet. It is now the best for mixing email and chat. The User Interface is lively, entertaining, simple and easy to use. We can easily edit messages that have already been sent. We also like the Slackbot, which may be really useful if utilised correctly. There are some unique features, such as Marvin, that give a lot of energy to the remote work environment.