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ScriptRunner for JIRA allows you to define in-line scripts in a workflow in addition to providing built-in scripts for commonly run tests on ScriptRunner.

It provides an in-line editor where you can write groovy scripts, without having to switch between screens or memorize the syntax of scripting languages. ScriptRunner encourages admins to extend JIRA functionality to support business processes in workflows. This tackles the need for another fully fledged add-on.

Our Review:

Scriptrunner triggers allows you to perform complex actions in workflows, schedule automations, and start bespoke scripts. Because of the flexibility and freedom it provides, you may use Jira to implement complicated procedures without having to design your own software. It allows you to write your own Groovy scripts, therefore the possibilities are unlimited. Scriptrunner is likewise constantly evolving. Every year, they introduce new features to make your life easier. They are regularly introducing easy-to-configure and setup provided scripts.