Manuel Braun
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Screencastify enables you to record your whole screen and webcam at the same time. It also allows for annotations, like arrows and highlights on top of your video.

This way, you can show off what you're doing as if you were pointing with a laser pointer, or circle things happening on your screen. You can even pause and rewind live streams, which makes it great for recording technical support sessions. You can edit and submit by creating links instantly. Teachers, Business professionals, Students and even individuals can make the best use of the various features offerd by Screencastify.

Screencastify Pros:

  • The app is easy to install and use. No complexity involved.
  • The files are directly saved to Google drive account
  • The chrome extension performs all the features, no additional plugins required.

Screencastify Cons:

  • A huge watermark comes with the files on the free version
  • There is a 5 minute limit for recording and editing