Rollbar for Trello

Rollbar for Trello

Brian Rue
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Rollbar makes debugging faster and more effective. It takes snapshots of your application to help you find bugs quickly, understand what happened, and get back to coding with confidence.

It allows you to know when and where errors occur in real-time so that you can fix issues fast. Many programming languages like JavaScript, Python, . NET, Drupal, Wordpress and Pyramid are supported in Rollbar. With the Trello integration, Rollbar events will produce Cards on your Trello Boards automatically.

It also allows you to change the default rules by modifying, adding, or removing them according to your needs.

Our review:

It's a fantastic tool because it's simple to set up, customize and integrate with other apps. The dashboards are simple to comprehend and use, and they allow you to quickly see all of the critical information. It's easy to configure grouping rules, and you can simply transmit notification settings across all projects, ensuring that they're all in sync. The access to Web dashboard makes it productive by letting the team know what exactly to work on.