QA Service for Jira

QA Service for Jira


test IO

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0 is a web-based platform that allows you to outsource your manual testing jobs to a group of human testers in remote locations, thus saving a lot on the cost and time required in manual tests.

It is an easy-to-use tool that not only makes it easy to run automated tests but also helps you save time when doing manual tests for your products. With TestIO, you can contact the team and customize your package based on your requirements.

Our Review:

Setting up a test is simple. Customer success managers are constantly improving your test cycles, and you receive near-instant feedback on your programme and its overall performance. Using a combination of exploratory tests and test cases to achieve high coverage is ideal. Anyone with no prior QA or Web Development expertise can enter the profession of testing and obtain valuable experience.

Save minimum $ 3,000/developer/yr GUARANTEED

Narrate bugs & draw over while recording screen.
Avoid back and forth calls between Dev and QA.
Reduce your bug fixing time by almost 60%

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