Joel Montvelisky
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Practitest is a test management tool for manual and automated testing. Practitest provides complete visibility to your entire testing process in real time.

It helps maintaining seamless control by connesting existing tools and workflow to give clarity. With the slack integration, you will be able to keep track of your testing status right in your Slack feed channel.

Depending on your settings, you'll get notified anytime a test or instance has been performed, failed, or passed, as well as when an entity has changed.

Our Review:

Practitest is intuitive and simple to learn and a breeze to work with. This programme is simple to teach new users how to use. They offer an excellent customer service and a firm that is extremely approachable. Frequently, help-desk queries are handled directly by the company's founder/CEO. The slack integration allows you to get notified and keep you updated on the tests conducted.