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NetCrunch is a mature and highly extensible network management platform. It's easy to use interface enables users to get up and running quickly.

When combined with the optional graphical map display, it provides a complete picture of your network in an intuitive manner for both novices and experienced system administrators. NetCrunch also receives events from multiple external event sources and provide warnings based on established criteria such as Windows Event Log, SNMP Traps, syslog, web messages and text logs.

The trello integration allows you to convert NetCrunch into Trello cards. You can create a separate board and create, move and "close" cards from with Trello.

NetCrunch comes with nine different functional modules and has a customizable licence system. Select the appropriate modules and the number of monitored nodes or interfaces to get the most suitable pricing for your company.

Our Review:

NetCrunch can keep track of your complete IT infrastructure, whether it's Windows, Linux, networking equipment, or something else entirely. It comes with a huge number of monitoring packs that may either be discovered automatically or manually added to the nodes you're monitoring.

The default triggers in these packs are based on vendor documentation or best practises. This makes it very simple to set up monitoring and alerting in a short period of time.