Joan Miro
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Miro is a digital whiteboard that allows cross-functional teams to collaborate from anywhere. With the largest library of free and paid-for digital sticky notes,

Miro lets you organize your thoughts for better productivity and faster execution. With Miro integrated to slack you can, receive instant notifications when any change is made to your miro board and approve access request from Slack itself without interrupting workflow.

You can also share a link to your miro board in slack which shows a preview with the name of the board and with a cover image.

Our Review:

Everything in Miro appears to be well-designed, accessible, and simple to use. Miro's most powerful feature is its ability to have online meetings and project discussions. Collaboration on complicated design challenges got considerably more challenging with remote working. Screen sharing with image capturing and annotation was a quick fix for this. Overall, Miro is easy to use and has excellent real-time capabilities.