Metadata for Jira

Metadata for Jira

evolu software GmbH
⭐⭐⭐3 ( 18 ) $240 per year

Metadata for Jira is a user and project management system where you can search, collect, filter, edit and manage all the information about your projects and also monitor the status with one click.

In addition to the project overview, you can also get a people overview with specific filters and narrow down people of a particular location or a particular skill.

With Metadata inregrated to your Jira account, you can compare various projects, check statuses, search for open issues and also view the telephone number directly in the ticket.

The Metadata for Jira pricing starts at $240/year for up to 50 users and increases depending upon the number of users.

Our Review:

The feature that lets us search for colleagues with a certain skillset within Jira is extremely useful. We are able to Visualize, edit and organize key information about our Jira projects and users much easier with Metsdata. It is a neat plugin and provides good customer support.