LoomKey features of the app:

LoomKey features of the app:

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Loom is a video messaging tool that makes it easy to record and share videos. Your video is instantly ready to share from Slack which makes it a productive yet clear communication.

By integrating Loom to slack you can, record videos, preview them and share it directly from slack using slash commands. You can also watch loom videos from your colleagues from a private/ public channel or even use a third party tool to view them.

In addition to this, you receive notifications and updates when someone views, comments, reacts or replies to a loom video.

Our Review:

It's incredibly easy to record and share with others. It simplifies the process of producing video messages, especially when you need to capture a screen and entering the app or platform takes too long. You simply open your browser, press the icon on your Chrome app bar, and you're good to go. With the slack integration, it makes communication really simple and saves a lot of time we spend on meetings.