LambdaTest, Inc
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LambdaTest is an online cross browser testing platform that lets you test your website with various browsers in real time without installing any software on your machine.

It provides 2000+ real browsers, operating systems and devices to ensure that your website looks great when accessed from different browsers on different operating systems and devices. Both manual and automated testing can be conducted using Lambdatest.

Integrating Lambdatest with Slack you can, use slash commands to run automated screenshots of your urls on different desktop and mobile browsers. You can also share your screenshots from lambdatest with your team to slack channels.

Our Review:

Lambdatest makes cross-browser testing easy with its speed and the ease of switching between browsers. Local test environments can be configured instantly and it also integrates with a variety of codeless automation and CI/CD tools. The geolocation testing feature is unique and effective as you can select browsers, OS, country and start testing immediately. Overall, Lambdatest reduces the test execution time and improves the feedback loop significantly.