JSON Viewer

JSON Viewer

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JSON Viewer is a chrome extension that allows you to view and edit JSON data in your browser.

It is a great tool for developers, and it can be used to inspect and modify JSON data in the browser, as well as to generate JSON data from scratch.

JSON Viewer is available as a free and paid extension, and it has a lot of features that make it a powerful tool. For example, you can view and edit the structure of JSON data, as well as search for specific elements within the data. You can also generate JSON data from various sources, including databases, files, and URLs. Additionally, JSON Viewer has an editor that allows you to create and modify JSON data in a comfortable way.

JSON Viewer is an essential tool for developers, as well as anyone who wants to work with JSON data in a simple and efficient way.

No of users: 1,000,000+

JSON Viewer Pros:

  • UI is great and has many configuration knobs
  • Jason Formatter is actively maintained on Github.

JSON Viewer Cons:

  • Doesn't work with local files
  • No option to indent using tabs instead of spaces
  • Confusing at times
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