Danny Wen and Shawn Liu
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Harvest makes time tracking from your desktop, phone, or favourite tools simple for you and your team. Then it turns your timesheet data into easy-to-understand visual graphs that give you essential insight into your team's time, project progress, and status of your business.

Integrating Harvest to slack allows you to, start a timer/log hours with your task mentioned and stop it whenever you have finished the task, you can also view your team members Harvest timer and check if they are in any meeting/ any task.

With this, project managers can get a rapid visual representation of project progress and share it with the rest of a Slack group.

Our Review:

Harvest is one of our favourite tools for keeping track of our team. In Slack, which we link to, we can measure time spent on certain tasks. Harvest and Slack are simple to integrate. We can track our hours not only for individual clients, but also for specific projects and sub-projects that belong to those clients, courtesy to the app's smooth integration of a categorization function. I particularly like the ability to amend hours/notes for weeks that have already been submitted to our project manager for review. Overall, it's a simple tool to use, and it improves the efficiency of our process.