Google keep Chrome Extension

Google keep Chrome Extension
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Google keep is a Chrome extension that helps you to keep track of your online browsing habits. It allows you to save pages, articles, or videos for later viewing and also lets you share pages, articles, or videos with others. You can also set up regular reminders to view items that you have saved.

Google keep is a great way to stay updated on your favorite websites and also to help you to consume more responsibly. For example, if you have saved an article about eating healthy, you can set a reminder to read it later. This way, you will not only learn new information, but you will also be following through with what you have learned. Additionally, if you have saved a video about healthy eating, you can watch it later without having to worry about eating in the meantime.

Google keep is a wonderful way to stay organized and stay current on the latest information. It is also a great way to help you to consume more healthfully.

No of users: 7,000,000+

Google keep Pros:

  • Great resource for list,information and what ever you need to keep at hand for your personal life and even work.
  • Great app for notes and task

Google keep Cons:

  • Can't sort lists alphabetically
  • Can't use it offline