GitLab for Trello

GitLab for Trello

Sid Sijbrandij
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GitLab helps to develop software better, faster and with high quality.

It's an open source project that provides git repository management, code review and other DevOps tools, with a single application for the entire development lifecycle.

With the Trello power-up, you can search GitLab merge requests from within a Trello card and attach one to the card. You can also click through to the attached merge request directly from the card.

Our Review:

GitLab is a fantastic tool to use on a daily basis. On-premises installation is simple and straightforward. Any small firm or team may get by with the free tier. GitLab's amazing CI/CD workflows are what really set it apart from the competition. GitLab CI is fantastic; you can do everything with it, including creating your sources, testing the quality of your code, and deploying your projects.