Ghost inspector

Ghost inspector

Justin Klemm
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Ghost Inspector is an automated user interface testing and monitoring service that lets you develop, maintain, and run browser tests against your app or website to look for bugs.

The slack integration allows you to post test results to any Slack channel you want. These results include information about the test run, a screenshot, and a link to the complete test result in the app.

The integration can be used to send you notifications when planned tests fail, or just to keep track of the results during a testing cycle.

Our review:

We love how simple it was to install the Chrome extension, integrate and start recording the tests. Another excellent feature is that it allows us to upload a spreadsheet with test data and have the variable in the test read from it. It's very easy to use. We appreciate that you can perform both functional and accessibility testing. It's surprising how much time Ghost Inspector saves you while recording and running your tests.