Freshdesk for Trello

Freshdesk for Trello

⭐⭐⭐⭐4 ( 2485 ) $15/month

Freshdesk is the leading cloud-based customer support software that provides help desk support with all smart automations to get things done faster. It has remained a popular choice for businesses that want to increase customer engagement and manage customers as they scale.

The Freshdesk add-on is ideal for addressing customer service tickets. With the Trello app for Freshdesk, you can connect your Trello board to your Freshdesk account so that any card may be linked to Freshdesk tickets and vice versa.

This power-up allows you to create and insert support tickets directly from your Trello cards, as well as notify your support team of changes to cards linked to any ticket.

Our Review:

FreshDesk is a power and easy to use customer service platform. It is helpful through its use in resolution of client based issues especially with its social media integration. Fresh desk also has one of the best support teams in the market. Overall, Freshdesk Powerful has powerful analytics, reasonable price, cool widget, knowledge base and efficient automations.