CSS Viewer for Chrome

CSS Viewer for Chrome

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CSS Viewer for Google Chrome is a helpful tool that allows you to view and edit the code of your website in a browser.

This can be helpful if you are not familiar with coding and would like to make minor changes or updates to your website. Additionally, CSS Viewer for Google Chrome can be used to view and test your website on different devices so that you are certain that it looks correct across all platforms.

Once you have installed CSS Viewer for Google Chrome, open it and click on the website that you would like to edit. You will then be able to view the source code of the website and make any changes that you wish. When you are finished, hit the "Save" button and your changes will be saved to the website. Additionally, you can also use CSS Viewer for Google Chrome to view how your website looks on different devices - including desktop, mobile, and tablet - so that you are always sure that it looks correct.

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