Capto Media Creation Private Limited
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Capto is a new approach to screen capture and editing, allowing you to create videos from your iPad or Iphone by connecting it with a Mac running Capto.

It's perfect for creating professional-quality training or demonstration videos in a simple, intuitive interface. With capto you can, capture, add voice over and save files in an easy-to-spot folder by default or customize the rules to save it of your choice. It makes sharing easy by allowing us to upload the files directly to Twitter, FaceBook, Dropbox, EverNote and a lot more without leaving Capto.

Capto Pros:

  • Shareable links available even for larger files
  • Add multiple annotations to videos
  • User interface is delicate and intuitive

Capto Cons:

  • Audio editing features are limited
  • Importing unsupported media causes problems.