BrowserStack for Trello

BrowserStack for Trello

Ritesh Arora and Nakul Aggarwal
⭐⭐⭐⭐4 ( 134 ) $29/month

BrowserStack is a cross-browser compatibility testing service that provides access to 3000+ real mobile and desktop browsers. You can use BrowserStack to test your website, web apps, and APIs across the most popular devices and browsers in the cloud.

While testing your web app on the BrowserStack platform, you can easily file defects using the BrowserStack Trello interface. The integration also automatically adds all of the metadata about the platform you're testing, including  Browser Version, OS and OS Version, Device and Screen Resolution. They also let you annotate screenshot before uploading the file in Trello.

BrowserStack provides monthly and yearly plans starting at $29/month for Desktop browsers. For large teams, you can contact and customize your plan.

Our Review:

They have a variety of mobile devices with varying sizes and operating systems, ranging from the most recent to the oldest, which aids in cross-platform testing. You only need an apk of the app you wish to test. BrowserStack is installed automatically. We can adjust all of the settings on the virtual device in the same way that we can on the real one. BrowserStack is really helpful in automating the mobile flow for testers who only know selenium.